A mix of my projects for you to see.

Where’s my blood?
How to make a cover for a geodesic dome
How to make a cover for a geodesic dome

The above model is interactive, click and drag to orbit around the geodesic dome.

Reciprocal Roof Roundhouse Project
Reciprocal Roof Roundhouse Project

What is a Reciprocal Roof Roundhouse?
A reciprocal frame is a class of self-supporting structure made of three or more beams and which requires no centre support to create roofs, bridges or similar structures.
A reciprocal roof is a self-supporting spiral of timbers where each timber rests on the last and needs no central support. It is assembled by first installing […]

Open Source DC Servo Controller
Open Source DC Servo Controller

I am looking into replacing the stepper motors on my motion control head with PID controlled DC motors. This should allow me to make improvements in terms of noise produced by the steppers, and speed. I have previously done some experimenting with PID loops with the Arduino mega and found that although I could get […]

8m Conduit Geodesic Dome
8m Conduit Geodesic Dome

DIY 8m Diameter Conduit Geodesic Dome
Recently I built a couple of geodesic domes. A lot of people in the USA build domes out of cheaply available EMT conduit. This conduit is nowhere near as ubiquitous and cheap in the UK so I found a fairly similar standard galvanised pipe used in the steam industry and put out for […]

New DIY 3-Axis motion control for time-lapse
New DIY 3-Axis motion control for time-lapse

A while ago I put together some plans for a motion control system for time-lapse camera movement. I designed it to mainly use off the shelf components, with the exception of a number of laser cut acrylic plates. It worked reasonably well, and has become popular with other Time-lapse makers who have used the plans to […]

Surgical cement removal through controlled chipping
Surgical cement removal through controlled chipping

My final year project has just wrapped up, here are a few images of the final product along with an abstract giving an outline of the project. Message me or leave a comment if you are interested in seeing the full report.
The design for a bone-cement removal tool, which utilises a chipping mechanism to break […]

Mongol Rally 2014 – London Mongolia Limo Service
Mongol Rally 2014 - London Mongolia Limo Service

I have signed up to do the Mongol Rally this summer, an adventure that involves driving a totally unsuitable vehicle over 10000 miles from London to Mongolia (and back!) in order to help raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières and Cool Earth. Our team has just bought a Rover 827 limousine and preparations are well […]

Arduino stepper motor speed control with xbox 360 controller
Arduino stepper motor speed control with xbox 360 controller

Recently I have been working on controlling my time lapse motion control rig with a standard xbox 360 controller, I have written this brief post to give pointers to anyone else who may be trying to accomplish anything similar. Here is a quick video of my work in progress, unfortunately the motors are rather loud […]

DIY Arduino Motorised Time-Lapse Head
DIY Arduino Motorised Time-Lapse Head

Update Summer 2015
I have since built a new, far better, motion control head using an internal belt mechanism, pictured above. Read about it here. This post is left here for those interested in a more simple arrangement.

In May I came across the OpenMoCo project which is a community that is producing an open-source photographic motion […]

My View – Timelapse
My View - Timelapse

A short time-lapse video all shot through one window looking over Holcombe, Exmouth and Dawlish. Had problems with dust on the rear element of my 200-500mm that I cannot seem to remove, may try and get some more hardcore lens cleaning tools.
I’m happy with it for my first try, just a short video to get […]

Timelapse – Adobe Premier pro and VirtualDub workflow
Timelapse - Adobe Premier pro and VirtualDub workflow

I have been doing quite a bit of time-lapsing recently and have finally worked out a good work flow; so I thought I would write a post about it to save anyone else time in the future in my situation. This guide will tell you how to shoot a time-lapse using your DSLR and import […]

Clouds – First time lapse
Clouds - First time lapse

I just got an intervalometer to make time-lapse videos with my DSLR and this is the first time I have tried it out. The intervalometer is just a cheap model off of eBay made by Yongnuo digital (they call it the MC-36 Timer Remote Cord), it allows you to shoot long-exposures, timed-releases and timed-intervals which is perfect for my […]

Warleigh Weir – Directions & Pictures
Warleigh Weir - Directions & Pictures


If you live in Bath you should definitely check out Warleigh weir. About a 30 minute downhill walk from the university campus (more back) the weir is a popular spot on a hot day. I recommend you go during the work week to avoid the masses; on a hot day it can get very busy. The […]

Creature, from the inside – Strobist macro moths
Creature, from the inside - Strobist macro moths


I have started playing round more and more with my external flashes and wireless triggers. The other day I noticed a moth on the window and thought it might make an interesting subject; using a single strobe with slight diffusion placed outside I up-lit the window and got these shots of the various moths that were attracted.
Basic info:
1 […]

Wave Energy Generation
Wave Energy Generation

Currently a huge amount of time and money is being invested in the research, development and implementation of technologies to exploit renewable energy sources; it is estimated that £95-billion was invested in new renewable capacity in 2009 alone. [1] In the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s 2009 report plans were set out to raise the […]