How to make a cover for a geodesic dome

geodesic dome cover pattern cutout pvc canvas

The above model is interactive, click and drag to orbit around the geodesic dome.

Cutting out fabric for geodesic dome cover vinyl pvc sewing

sewing cover for geodesic dome using domestic sewing machine

making white cover for geodesic dome tent canvas cover diy

sewing large tent cover diy using domestic sewing machine

Making a home made geodesic dome canvas cover

sewing large canvas cover outside for geodesic dome cover

3 part dome cover canvas pvc test fit

straps for holding down geodesic dome coverdome cover fitting cotton canvas pvc vinyl cover

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  1. Greetings! Recently purchased a 24′ 5v dome frame. Do you make covers for domes or can you recommend someone who does? Would greatly appreciate any information you can
    give me. Thank you…. Bruce

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