A mix of my projects for you to see.

My View – Timelapse

A short time-lapse video all shot through one window looking over Holcombe, Exmouth and Dawlish. Had problems with dust on the rear element of my 200-500mm that I cannot seem to remove, may try and get some more hardcore lens cleaning tools.

I’m happy with it for my first try, just a short video to get familiar with the work flow and an overview of the whole process. Hopefully my next one should be much better.

Canon 400D, tamron 200-500mm, tamron 135mm, Nikon E-series 50mm and Nikon nikkor 35mm.

Music is by Bonobo.

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2 Responses to My View – Timelapse

  1. Joe Shields says:

    Beautiful, very nicely done.
    I like how it is all shot from the same window!

  2. Curt says:

    Nice work Steve, would be great to see more!

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