A mix of my projects for you to see.

Clouds – First time lapse

I just got an intervalometer to make time-lapse videos with my DSLR and this is the first time I have tried it out. The intervalometer is just a cheap model off of eBay made by Yongnuo digital (they call it the MC-36 Timer Remote Cord), it allows you to shoot long-exposures, timed-releases and timed-intervals which is perfect for my needs. When setting up the timer you have to specify the shot interval in seconds and the number of shots, I normally just set the number of shots to to 0 (infinite) and stop the time-lapse manually. The timer is fairly easy to use and construction seems solid, a bargain at only £15.

At the moment I don’t have access to a tripod so I have had to balance the camera on top of a colour enlarger for each sequence I shoot. I got this enlarger free from my school when they were throwing out a load of stuff from the observatory before I left; I haven’t actually been able to try it out yet. I want to do some 120 black and white development and enlargement at home sometime, but it is quite an investment so it will have to wait.

This time-lapse is one of the first I did to test out the equipment and develop a good work flow, and I think it came out pretty well. I produced the final video using Virtualdub, adobe premier pro and after effects. I will probably put up a post explaining the process later this week.

For this clip a canon 400D was used with a Tamron Adaptall-2 135mm f/2.5 prime lens that I got second hand for about £20. ISO was set to 100 and the aperture was at around F/5.6. Shutter was set to auto to account for changes in light. Flicker was reduced in post using Virtual dub, twixtor was used to smooth out the motion of the clouds and slightly slow them down.

I have been shooting for a couple of days and this is just one clip from a much larger project, anyway here is the first little test clip:

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