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Creature, from the inside – Strobist macro moths


The shallow incoming angle of the flash really brought out the detail in the moths wings.


I have started playing round more and more with my external flashes and wireless triggers. The other day I noticed a moth on the window and thought it might make an interesting subject; using a single strobe with slight diffusion placed outside I up-lit the window and got these shots of the various moths that were attracted.

Basic info:

1 wireless flash from behind, no diffusion zoomed all the way out, lighting up through glass towards camera.

  • Canon EOS 400D
  • 50mm manual Nikon E-series lens
  • f8 ISO 200 1/160
  • Hong Kong Nikon extension tubes
  • Jessops 280 AFC strobe (no manual control just full power)
  • Neewer CT-04 radio trigger



The dust on the window causes a star scape background that surrounds the insects when illuminated by the flash. Click on each image to view them full size. (Actual resolution available by request).




One Response to Creature, from the inside – Strobist macro moths

  1. Joe Shields says:

    These are really beautiful.

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